Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa was born in 1921 in what is now known as Kwa-Zulu Natal. The events surrounding and leading up to his birth can be described as some form of religious conflict. His father was a Christian and his mother continued to practice her religion even after the arrival of Catholic Missionaries in South Africa.

Mutwa says his maternal grandfather refused for his daughter to become a Christian as he viewed it as a religion that arrived with missionaries while the Catholic Missionaries forbade Mutwa's father from marrying a woman who was not a Christian. It was during his childhood where he experienced visions which were suppressed by his step-mother. It was also during this time where he had experienced major trauma that left him ill for a very long time. It's interesting to note Mutwa states that despite various visits, Christian doctors had failed at healing him and was only able to receive help from his grandfather who was described as a medicine man and who during those times, missionaries had described as "ungodly heathens".

Following his healing Mutwa says he began to question the teachings of the missionaries which he says essentially aimed to make black people despise who they are; these teachings include the negative connotations associated with ancestors as well as the idea that African people were primitive prior to the arrival of missionaries. Through the following years of travel throughout Africa, Mutwa says he soon discovered its true beauty in religion, culture and its stories; the heart-breaking realization that Africa was slowly losing its identity inspired Mutwa to build what he called a living museum. Mutwa openly attributes the destruction of African identity to European colonization mainly in the form of the Christian religion, he says once a nation is taught to hate themselves, their culture and religion, essentially who they really are through the veil of religion, that culture has been permanently destroyed and will continue to self-destruct long after the colonizers have walked away.

He says "I weep even now when I see Africans slaughter each other in the streets of South Africa, now supposedly a free nation. I weep even now when my people hunger and suffer in the veld in South Africa. I weep even now when Euro centric education is being fed to our children, fed in order to make them Afrofobes, creatures that hate and despise their motherland, which look down in contempt upon their own people, because this is what all European educated black people do. They despise Africa and all she stands for. And they are in contempt of the culture of her people"

Prophet Credo Mutwa is one of the TRUE, God sent, Ancient African Prophets that are still alive to this day...