about us

The origins of the African Hidden Voices emanate from the divine and visionary inspiration of the Founder and Leader of the Revelation Church of God Dr. Prophet Radebe. The objective of this vision is to retrace the steps and works of our gallant African Prophets, Kings and Spiritual leaders with a view to resuscitating the authenticity of their gifts - past and present within the Continent.

It is of course these African Prophets who were and are still being given visions by God to charter the future of our mother land. Unfortunately, foreign influences and the passage of time drew a cloud of doubt and uncertainty over our African trail blazers - the African Prophets irrespective of the period.

It is during this time that Dr. Prophet Radebe established a dialogue platform called the African Hidden voices to assure that the voices of these gallant African Prophets are no longer suppressed and that their interaction is revived to create an even stronger hold so that their advisory role to our governments in South Africa and by extension the continent is strengthened, meaningful and value adding to all.

To ensure that this visionary inspiration is brought to bear, Dr. Prophet Radebe established a team of young warriors called the African Hidden Voices Research team and tasked them to search every nook and cranny within Southern Africa for the forgotten African Prophets. The zealous African Hidden Voices Research team came to the party and are ready to assemble our African Prophets under one roof with a view to give them honour and praise.